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Frequently asked questions


Can I sell my pension to a 3rd party if I am under 55?

The simple answer is YES. Contact us today and we can certainly tell you if you are eligible. 

Is it illegal to sell my pension early?

Everything we do is 100% legal.

Is there a cost to have a pension review?

We provide a completely FREE pension review service with no obligation and no up front costs.  

How long will it take to receive any money?

Every case is different. It takes approximately 6 weeks, however in some cases you can get your cash as quick as 3 weeks.

If I sell my pension, will it affect my state pension?


Can I sell a company pension as well as a personal pension?

Yes, under certain circumstances this may be applicable.

I am still paying pension contributions, would this stop if I sell my pension?


What do I do next if I want to go ahead?

Simply complete our contact form, or give us a call. We will need your details; name address, date of birth and National Insurance Number, along with the details of the pension provider or supplier.

Still have a question - get in touch, we can help